The Experiences of a Flipped Classroom


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Students are continually being exposed to different types of technology; therefore, school districts are always looking for the latest and greatest technology for their teachers to add into the classroom. Using teacher observations, student observations, and live journaling from students, we examine whether the flipped classroom model is an effective way to teach and bring technology into the classroom. The study sample consisted of 30 eighth-grade students enrolled in Algebra classes in a central Illinois junior high school located in an urban setting. This study used live journaling and recorded videos to determine the experiences of the students regarding the flipped classroom. We also interviewed and observed the teacher that implemented the flipped classroom. Based on the results of this study, students excelled in and enjoyed the flipped classroom model. The advantages outweighed the disadvantages based on the students’ live journaling results. The students stated they felt like they excelled in the flipped classroom model because they had more time to learn the material, more one-on-one time with the teacher, and had the ability to watch the videos more than one time. Overall,the students liked that they had control over their learning and were successful throughout the process.