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This paper is a post preliminary integrative review about the comparability of the definitions and measurements of the terms “legibility” and “readability” in eighty-seven scholarly sources. Mixed methods were used to investigate the definitions and the measurements of the two terminologies. The findings showed that legibility was defined in seventeen sources, identified in fifty-one sources and described in five sources while measurement was found in twenty-four sources. Readability was defined in thirteen sources, identified in twenty-eight sources and described in six sources, while its measurement was evident in fifteen sources. Though the definitions of both terms are present in thirteen sources, consistency in the definitions was not evident across the sources. In addition, the definitions of both terms are frequently confused for one another and the measurements were not always based on the consistent use of standard instruments or measures. To obtain comparability from one study to another to aid in instructional text design, the terms should be defined and measured on similar bases.