Sustainability Indicators of Ecological Philosophy (Ecosophy) ...

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The Islamic boarding school (pesantren) is a rural-based educational institution that has strong social relations with the residents. Most of the pesantren have agricultural land to support their primary needs. This study aimed to explore and construct the sustainability indicators of the ecological philosophy (ecosophy) based on agroecology Islamic boarding schools or pesantren. Furthermore, it intended to determine the sustainability level of the agroecology Islamic Pesantren. The study used the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and interpretive structural modeling (ISM) to observe the Biharul Ulum, Darul Fallah, and Al Ittifaq Pesantren in West Java Province, Indonesia. A Web-based model was constructed by Kolb’s cycle to determine Pesantren’s sustainability and its indicators. The findings showed that Al Ittifaq has the most significant index, followed by Darul Fallah and Biharul Ulum.