Students' Perceptions of EvalTools LMS

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Saudi Arabia has taken various initiatives, including the use of technology, to improve teaching and learning in higher education. With twenty-five government and twenty-seven private universities, it is fast becoming a popular study destination for international students from other countries. Islamic University of Madinah (IUM), which is one of the oldest and top universities in Saudi Arabia, introduced the EvalTools Learning Management System (LMS) in 2013 for enhanced teaching and learning environments. This research conducted a survey to study the perception of students about the impact of EvalTools LMS on teaching and learning. The survey was conducted in the 2017–2018 session through a five-point Likert scale questionnaire having twenty-six response items that were grouped into four constructs/variables: efficiency, performance, usage, and effectiveness. The results reveal that among the four constructs, efficiency has the highest mean score of 3.33, which implies that most students believe that EvalTools increases efficiency. While performance has a mean of 3.25, usage has a mean of 3.23, and effectiveness has a mean of 3.30, suggesting that students have a positive perception that EvalTools is easy to use and is effective in achieving the course outcomes. Most of the students agree that performance is increased using EvalTools. The findings of this study conclude that most students have a positive perception that EvalTools LMS increases the efficiency, effectiveness, and performance of the users.