Students’ Awareness, Values, Perceptions, and Behaviors towar ...

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The aim of the study was to examine and compare students’ awareness, knowledge, values, and perceptions of students toward environmental sustainability (ES) in general and their related behaviors that support ES at two institutions that have different social, physical, and institutional environments. A thirty-seven-item survey was developed to measure students’ basic awareness regarding sustainability, their values and perceptions, and personal behaviors. The data were gathered via the Qualtrics electronic survey method from two similar institutions, one located in West Virginia (WV) and another in Central New York (CNY), that are nonetheless drastically different in terms of sustainability initiatives and campus cultures. A total of 373 students completed the survey. The data were analyzed to examine the similarities and differences between the students’ awareness, perception, and behavior variables regarding sustainability and were compared between the two institutions. Based on these findings, the author drew inferences about the effects of institutional sustainability initiatives on behaviors, awareness, and attitudes that support sustainability issues.