Stakeholders’ Concept of Quality Assurance in Higher Education

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Quality assurance (QA) in higher education institutions is influenced by their stakeholders’ understanding of this concept. The emerging discussions on the engagement of stakeholders in QA highlight the need to understand their notion of QA and the diversity of constructs may contribute to the ongoing discourse of quality assurance in HEIs. Therefore, this article describes the stakeholders’ concept of quality assurance. Using the qualitative method, the article explores quality assurance as practiced and experienced in Batangas State University in Luzon, Philippines. Interviews of 13 different stakeholders of the university were conducted and the transcripts were analyzed to determine the themes abstracted from the identified categories based on codes. The results show that quality assurance is a process; involves the continuous improvement of the institution; requires accountability and commitment; needs participation from all levels, especially from leadership; strengthens the culture of quality of the institution and its constituents; and is facilitated by communication.