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The current need for collaborative spaces has led to the emergence of various innovative place types that encourage the exchange of ideas, skill development, and innovation. Among these, Art + Design incubators have proven to be highly effective in fostering a collaborative and creative culture, bringing together artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate. While establishing a direct link between physical space and creativity can be challenging, this paper aims to explore the potential of Art + Design incubators in facilitating collaboration and creativity. To achieve this, the research focuses on a case study of a university facility in Miami, utilizing a mixed method approach. The data collection involves journal documentations to identify creative activities within the incubator, activity mappings to track users’ locations and movements associated with creative activity, and focus groups to gain insights into how incubators facilitate creativity and collaboration. Considering the growing significance of collaboration and creativity in modern workplaces, the study’s findings will have implications for the future evolution of work environments.