Science and Collectivism in Artistic Creation

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Since 2018 The Algae Society has been working on several hybrid projects with the aim of warning and informing society of the importance of maintaining healthy marine ecosystems. This drive to support marine life also benefits humanity. As a co-dependent species of the oceans, we are highly vulnerable to the effects of anthropogenic pressures on the marine ecosystem. The appearance of The Algae Society is timely, at a juncture when conspiracy theories and movements that oppose science are preventing society from understanding how important it is to take care of our environment. Here, we present the results of collaborative research and art creation developed by The Algae Society founding members and related artists. Artistic works to date have focused primarily on youth culture, to build empathy, love, curiosity, and passion as a cohabitating species of the planet. We have developed interactive games with different approaches to talk about the impact of ocean acidification and the importance of algae and other photosynthesizing organisms in our ecosystems, interactive installations, short animation films, and video installations. Each project aimed at awakening our sense of responsibility and raise awareness on the importance of preserving the (marine) environment against the biggest challenge humanity has to face in the twenty-first century.