Religious Worldview in the Works of Auezov

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This article is aimed at investigating the problem of religious orientation in the works of Auezov. The leading methods of studying this problem are analysis, classification, comparison, induction, deduction, and the reflection of these aspects in the author’s work. The study examines the works of Mukhtar Auezov as a source of religious motives in Kazakhstan; analyzes the specifics of the works and their spiritual component; describes the role of women and their connection with the spiritual and moral part of society; makes a detailed analysis of the literature and clarifies the content, characteristics, and features of the author’s work; and shows the originality of the phenomenon of the spiritual life of an ethnic group and the problems of their institutionalization. The materials of the study are of practical and theoretical value for literary critics, students, writers, and poets who will be able to introduce new historical and literary trends and concepts of perception, educate the modern reader with awareness, and demonstrate the importance of the problem of religion. The information will also be valuable for researchers, philosophers, theologians, and cultural scientists who will be able to describe in more detail the influence of religion on the works of Auezov, analyzing the issues of religion, ethnic identity, and culture of Kazakhs.