Problem-Based Learning, Social Sustainability, and Soccer as ...

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On Friday, March 13, 2020, academic and sport activities at a Mexican university were happening as on a normal day. However, the following Monday, students and teachers had to stay at home for an undefined period. In this work, we show how a course with problem-based learning (PBL) and social sustainability (SS) approaches was adapted to pandemic times. We start with the COVID-19 context at the Monterrey Metropolitan Area (MMA) and then provide a theoretical overview of PBL, SS, Latin American self-produced quartiers, soccer in vulnerable communities, and general aspects about pandemic times. Following this, we discuss the methodology used for reaching out to vulnerable communities in Monterrey City, Mexico, using soccer as a strategy. The students conducted a project together with a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose main task is to promote this sport practice in vulnerable communities around the world. We conclude from our study that students need pedagogical platforms that allow them to respond to the requirements of different social groups, as well as to develop skills to face real problems.