Perspectives on International Environmental Law

Perspectives on international environmental law 133

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International environmental law deserves treatment as an independent field, not as a subset of environmental law or public international law. It is accepted that there are areas of overlap, but international environmental law is fundamentally different in key respects. This field of law reflects our growing global environmental problems. We find challenges existing in air pollution, lack of safe drinking water, trade in and disposal of hazardous products and wastes, soil erosion, global climate change, and loss of biodiversity. Environmental issues have generated widespread demands for preventive and remedial action. One of the claims by environmentalists is that the natural conditions should remain conducive to life, to human well-being, and the society at large. This book provides the reader with a comprehensive knowledge of the system of environmental law as a whole. Key concepts are discussed and the book opens up for coordination, harmonization, and integration of existing multilateral environmental agreements. Perspectives on International Environmental Law will give a broad overview of the position of environment and law in the world. It examines the extent to which environmental protection should be and is taken into account in the regulatory frameworks across the globe.