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At present, climate calamities are occurring often and with major effects. The observed increased frequency of extreme events (heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall, wildfires, floods, and landslides), unpredictability of monsoons, and other manifestations of climate change are a cause of distress for millions around the world. Climate change also poses a challenge for policymakers in planning for agriculture, industry, disaster management, and overall socioeconomic development. In Nepal, climate consequences are increasing every year. Assessment of climate change perception helps scientific society to understand how it affects us and how to handle the posed challenges before things get much worse. The prime aim of our study is to highlight up-to-date climate change issues in Nepal that need immediate attention and action plans. We conducted a web-based survey to assess climate change awareness among university students and faculty members, irrespective of their field of expertise. The impacts of climate change are reaching everyone. Hence, we considered that the sample population could confront the doom and gloom of climate change. The present study shows that (1) about 94 percent of Nepalese university students and faculty members are aware of climate change issues and their impact and causes; (2) careful action plans/strategies are needed at different levels to address the most pressing local issues, particularly drinking water, floods, and landslides during monsoon season; and (3) government agencies and stakeholders should provide more comprehensive and reliable information about extreme events and climate change consequences. In addition, the outcomes of the present work motivate students, faculty members, and society to prepare for the potential future impacts of climate change.