Organizational Culture, Learning, and Knowledge Management

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  • Title: Organizational Culture, Learning, and Knowledge Management
  • Editor(s): Jonathan H. Westover
  • Publisher: Common Ground Research Networks
  • Collection: Common Ground Research Networks
  • Series: Organization Studies
  • Keywords: Corporate Culture, Organizational Learning, Knowledge Management
  • Date: December 05, 2011
  • ISBN (pbk): 978-1-86335-945-0
  • ISBN (pdf): 978-1-86335-946-7
  • DOI:
  • Citation: Westover, Jonathan H., ed. 2011. Organizational Culture, Learning, and Knowledge Management. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Research Networks. doi:10.18848/978-1-86335-946-7/CGP.
  • Extent: 516 pages

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We live in an increasingly hyper-competitive global marketplace, where firms are fighting to stay lean and flexible in an effort to satisfy increasingly diverse and specialized consumer demand around the world. Additionally, with the shifting global economy in recent decades and the emergence of the technology and service-oriented knowledge organizations, how do organizations effectively foster a continuous learning and innovation culture? What can organizational leaders do to promote ongoing organizational learning that will have a measurable impact on increased firm effectiveness and employee productivity? How can organizations more successfully manage organizational knowledge to achieve strategic organizational goals and add value to all organizational stakeholders? These are just some of the pressing questions facing the organizations of today. This edited collection provides a comprehensive introduction to organizational culture, learning, and knowledge management and explores the wide sweeping impacts for the modern workplace, presenting a wide range of cross-disciplinary research in an organized, clear, and accessible manner. It will be informative to management academics and instructors, while also instructing organizational managers, leaders, and human resource development professionals of all types seeking to understand proven practices and methods to create organizational systems and culture to promote ongoing organizational learning and innovation to drive firm effectiveness in an increasingly competitive global economy.