Nursing Education and Eportfolios

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Nursing education is new to incorporating eportfolios (eP) into teaching practice. In this literature review we explored the benefits and issues with eP application in nursing education and identified distinguishing frameworks that underpin the use of ePs in teaching and research in nursing education. Using existing literature reviews and empirical studies we mapped the current landscape of eP use in the nursing education arenas. Our literature review illustrates that although the shift to the electronic form of portfolio is a relatively new trend in nursing education, ePs: contribute to building learners’ competence; enable reflection on experiential learning to develop critical thinking; offer a valuable tool for assessment and evaluation; and, promote professional and career development. However, challenges also exist alongside the benefits, for example, issues with technology including user-friendliness, technology support, and data storage, privacy concerns, time and effort consumption, validity, and staff/faculty buy-in. Competence-building, metacognition, and technology-based learning are some of the distinguishing frameworks that guide the use of eP in teaching nursing or research on the use of ePs in nursing education.