Media, Consumer Culture, and the Multilectics of Glocalization in India

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Human societies are going through a historical process whereby the politics and economy of the diverse local territories are being increasingly integrated into the global system through transnational media and information technologies. Based on either sheer opportunism or compulsion, the global and local cultural systems have long been going through a process of co-modification and co-adaptation called “glocalization.” Focused on the period 1990–2023, this study aims to divulge the multiple facets of glocalization as a market-led cultural phenomenon in India and the key questions and dialogues related to them. A review of literature on media, consumerism, Indian culture, and business adaptations in India is undertaken in seven segments. Considering glocalization as a dynamic cultural-economic force, this paper offers a critical understanding of the television, marketing, and advertising practices in post-global India.