Let’s Make Museums More Accessible!

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This article aims to highlight the right to culture for all people and the need to make it effective. It especially emphasizes access for traditionally neglected people and, in this sense, the importance of relying on the user themselves to achieve this. This article cites resources that can help make institutions more inclusive and provides some easy-to-implement guidelines for improving their accessibility. Likewise, it underlines the importance of collaborating with different groups to create more accessible/democratic institutions and provides examples of good practice. The case studies presented here are two of those carried out by the Inclusive Research and Dissemination group of the Spanish National Research Council This group aims to bring science closer to all audiences. To this end, it uses innovative working methods that emphasize user participation and empowerment. This methodology leads to richer results and more accessible and inclusive materials and resources and, in conclusion, a greater democratization and openness of science and cultural heritage.