Leading the Creative Mind

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Bringing together creative people to develop fresh, new, innovative ideas and to propel a business forward is challenging work. It isn’t enough to simply follow policy and procedure, or to gently nudge creative people toward success. It takes strength, courage, and insight into how creative people work, live, and respond. Creative Leadership expert Anthony Lake unravels the mystery of the creative employee by using simple yet elegant cases in business and the arts to frame this practical guide for Leading the Creative Mind. Born from his executive work with arts organizations, his consulting, and his leadership research, Lake creates a series of exercises designed to strengthen skills for leading creative individuals. The focus is on four key pillars for success: 1. Reflecting and Engaging Sensitively with Creative People 2. Designing Effective Creativity Teams 3. Developing and Addressing Real Challenges 4. Fixing Ailing Work Groups This is a guide for keeping inspired, balancing innovation with effective communication, and collaborating from a position of leadership.