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This study provides research findings about reading habits and attitudes toward reading of Bulgarian primary school students and the formation of reading literacy. The article presents reading research, publications, and frameworks about the reading issue in Bulgaria. The author describes the context of the research—an authoritative research study in Bulgaria about reading and the prevalent educational system. The article also discusses investigations into reading habits in Bulgaria and describes the methodology, the participants, the procedure, and the results of the research. The focus of the current publication is on reading in pre-primary and primary school as a part of understanding the connection between reading and digital literacy. This article may bring new international dimensions to the study of reading. This research study may be useful for people who are interested in the diversity of Eastern Europe and in the reading habits of young people. It may help to understand the intersection of reading, culture, and social environment in a small former socialist country such as Bulgaria, and allow for a meaningful comparison between Bulgarian children’s reading practices in the digital era and those of children in other parts of the world.