International Political Economy

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International political economy (IPE) is an interdisciplinary field that draws on many distinct academic schools, most notably political economy, political science and economics, also sociology, history, and cultural studies. IPE ultimately is concerned with the ways in which political forces (states, institutions, individual actors, etc.) shape the systems through which economic interactions are expressed, and conversely the effect that economic interactions (including the power of collective markets and individuals acting both within and outside them) have upon political structures and outcomes. Given the rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected global landscape, a solid grasp of global systems and structures are important for an informed citizenry and competitive institutions. Within the context of complex global tensions, IPE has emerged as a balanced and interdisciplinary approach to examining and addressing the global challenges we face. This edited collection provides a comprehensive introduction to the interdisciplinary field of International Political Economy (IPE) and explores its increasingly important role within a shifting global landscape, presenting a wide range of cross-disciplinary research in an organized, clear, and accessible manner. This book will be informative to scholars and practitioners alike seeking to understand the wide range of influences and impacts of global affairs in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world.