Interactive Learning of Impact Behavior of Structures Using Virtual Impact Tests


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Modern technology has facilitated the development of E-learning systems for various applications in education and training. In this paper, the development of Virtual Impact Tests as learning and designing resource is presented. Impact engineering involves studies on complex dynamic behavior of structures due to impact loads and is essential for the design of protective structures and industrial applications. Virtual impact tests, which are developed using finite element code, ABAQUS can be an effective learning, training and design aid for engineers to study impact behavior of structures easily and accurately. Impact experiments that are commonly used to study the impact behavior of structures are the hammer drop test and Charpy impact test. However, these experiments require expensive equipment, maintenance and a longer time to prepare specimens. In this research, these impact experiments are redesigned as virtual impact tests and guide the engineers to study the impact behavior of the structures accurately. This can also be used for prototype testing of industrial components with different shapes, sizes and environments. Thus, virtual impact tests can assist the engineers for investigating the complex impact behavior of structures as a non-destructive application. It can be an effective tool for interactive learning, design and virtual experimentation.