Inclusive Education from the Perspectives of Teachers

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Inclusive education is fundamental to ensuring educational quality and equality. The teacher’s role in this type of education is essential as without their optimal participation it would not be possible to fulfil the objectives of inclusive education. Thus, in this study we wish to determine the understanding teachers have of inclusive education today. To this end we determine their opinion with regards to the importance of teacher training in this area and in respect to the implementation process of this education, besides determining what knowledge they have regarding the concept of inclusive education today. In this study 130 teachers from the academy Rubicón were chosen using non-probability sampling. The data was obtained by implementing an ad hoc questionnaire. Said data was analyzed using the statistics software SPSS version 19. Among the relevant results we conclude that 84.6% consider that there needs to be a change in attitude in society and educational professionals in respect to inclusive education. And 89.3% consider that teacher training is fundamental in this field. Among the most relevant conclusions we note that the majority of teachers believe that the presence of students with special educational needs does not cause learning delays in their classes and that a professional consensus of the concept of inclusive education is yet to be reached.