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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, known as ADHD, is a neurological disorder. Children living with ADHD (ChADHD) have a lower attention span, negatively affecting their academic performance. Appropriate use of font size and font type, as visual parameters, in the design of learning content can help enhance the attention span of these children in a typical learning environment. This study presents research evidence in support of this claim. It considers font size and font type as independent variables and records attention span (in seconds) as dependent variables. Further, the study conducted testing of five ChADHD for nine different combinations of font size and font type in the presence of remedial experts. For the purpose of estimating the attention span, the experiments were recorded with prior permission. Remedial experts estimated the attention span for each of the experiments by viewing the recorded videos. Results of this study indicate a significant impact of font type and a marginal impact of font size on the attention span of these children. The results are novel in visual parameter research for ChADHD, which is otherwise a lesser researched area. Designers and educators will find these results helpful while designing learning content focusing on enhancing the attention span for ChADHD.