From the Spool to the City


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In a world facing global crisis after crisis, a new approach to urban development is emerging. This book is the result of three years of iterative research which explores the ways in which technology, community, and urban design can work together to create more sustainable and productive cities. The book offers insights into how enabling technologies and citizen empowerment are leading to new economic models and a collaborative culture. Through an in-depth analysis of the city of Rome, the research demonstrates how a focus on community building and new urban models can lead to more sustainable, resilient, and productive cities. The outcome of the research is a hyper-local tool that enables bottom-up initiatives to respond to specific needs and help develop new economies. This approach, combined with top-down initiatives from administrations could be useful for further creation of proposals that precisely address community needs. Findings of the research will be useful for policymakers, urban planners, makers, designers, and citizens who want to design and advocate for sustainable urban development models and thriving neighborhoods. With its practical insights and real-world examples, this book offers a roadmap for building more resilient and sustainable cities in the 21st century.