Foundations of Social Responsibility and Its Application to Change

Foundations of social responsibility 133

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This book is a unique contribution to the subject of social responsibility and change management. Rahim, Berg, Neal and Richards build on their vast and diverse experience and expertise to translate academic concepts of social responsibility, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and change management into a practical roadmap for students as well as managers, executives, and business leaders. Foundations of Social Responsibility and Its Application to Change is an overview of contemporary aspects of change management and social responsibility such as tragedy of the commons, triple bottom line, and scale-free networks with ecological, social, and business systems. The authors introduce the readers to the topic of sustainability and describe the foundation of the subject, as well as theory, concepts, and principles. The authors also provide various case examples and perspectives on the triple bottom line, scale-free networks, and social and business systems. They deliver to the reader a blueprint for developing a change management strategy for fostering a socially responsible environment. The combination of the authors’ professional experiences, diverse perspectives, and education adds a refreshing twist to a core topic, which challenges the reader to rethink her or his understanding of what it takes to create a successful social responsibility culture. It also challenges the reader to rethink how leaders can affect positive change within their organization and community. This book is a must read for organizational leaders as well as managers and students interested in fostering a positive social responsibility culture in their company or community.