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Domestic space: Four Artists and the Australian Experience focuses on the practices of three mid-career artists, Shaun Wilson, Stephen Haley, and Malcolm Bywaters (the author), and one established artist, Lyndal Jones. The book is a comprehensive examination of key artworks specific to domestic space that have been produced by these four artists. Shaun Wilson produces videos based upon the death of his father as a manifestation of house and home; the paintings and new media of Stephen Haley extend the understanding of Australian suburbia into a new territory dominated by the apartment city; Lyndal Jones uses a regional landmark house combined with her performance experience as a statement on the home as sustainable environment; Malcolm Bywaters’ artwork appropriates the biplane motif as a sculptural form representing childhood and, by association, house, home, and family. Domestic Space investigates the creative process of these artists and demonstrates the role and significance of their artwork in the appreciation of domestic space in Australian visual culture.