Design Research as an Intermediator in Developing an Advanced ...

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To produce design innovations in response to current and future crisis of the built environment, the architectural discipline requires substantial modification. This article looks at the possibilities of strengthening architectural education through realignment of design fundamentals, research, and specialization. While most institutions provide independent courses of study in bachelor’s and master’s programs, the 4+2-year architectural program of Thammasat University, Thailand, offers an integrated model. Architectural programs at global and local universities are analyzed and discussed, and the pioneering combination of preparatory studies and graduate specializations is examined. Evaluative research, using questionnaire and a focus group meeting, identifies graduates’ competency as well as key issues and development potential. It was found that a transitory stage between bachelor’s and master’s programs should be adopted with design research as an intermediator that links design fundamentals and proposed specializations. It is expected that an advanced integrative model of education in architecture could be achieved.