Design as a Form of Creativity in the Modern World

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In recent years, the question of the essence of design and its role in modern culture has increasingly occupied not only practical designers, but also domestic sociologists, cultural scientists, philosophers, and other representatives of social and humanitarian knowledge. This work is aimed at showing that in connection with the complication of world processes and the expansion of the information field of culture, not only does the subject-spatial environment of the human environment change, but also the value-semantic and aesthetic parameters of its functioning. The research process was based on culturology and philosophy, representing design as a product in cultural system. The conducted study led to the conclusion that design is acting as an expression of the culture of the post-industrial society, accentuates the process of changing aesthetic criteria and improving the industrial form, being determined by the methodology of analyzing culture and creativity. The design of the beginning of the third millennium, more than ever before, relies on artistic creativity, on the experience of contemporary art, and on the development of an emotional and imaginative component. Design studies have shown that the design is inexhaustible and is understood as an emerging phenomenon. This gives one the right to assert that only a holistic vision of this phenomenon in the sociocultural aspect determines the condition for success and only with a comprehensive improvement of design.