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This study aimed to investigate the cultural dimensions that might influence the entrepreneurial intention of state undergraduate students in Oman. The cultural theory was tested in the context of Oman. The endogenous variable was the entrepreneurial intention, while the exogenous variables included in the study were Fatalism, Hierarchy, Individualism, and Egalitarianism. The instrument used in the research was developed using validated items from past literature. Data for this quantitative study were collected from 177 undergraduate students in Oman. Structural equation modeling was used to generate insights from the valid data using IBM’s SPSS 25 and AMOS 22. The results of the structural model revealed a positive relationship between Fatalism, individualism, and entrepreneurial intention. However, the results did not support the relationships between Hierarchy and entrepreneurial intention and Egalitarianism and entrepreneurial intention. The study will help fill the knowledge gap in terms of the cultural dimensions and their influence on entrepreneurial intention. Furthermore, policymakers in Oman have initiated many programs to promote entrepreneurship among undergraduate students. This study will assist these policymakers in understanding how culture will influence entrepreneurial intentions and aid in building the appropriate culture among students to promote the success of entrepreneurial programs.