Crossing the Disciplinary Boundary

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Despite compelling evidence of communications between the humanities and the sciences, the division of academia into humanities and sciences has been the basis for debate. Recent surveys of interdisciplinary research have revealed a lack of cross-disciplinary projects to bridge the gap between the humanities and the sciences while there have been an increasing number of interdisciplinary studies among the sciences themselves. If the question of social and political credibility and ongoing viability of science is closely interlinked with a constant investigation of the humanities, it is important to address and investigate disciplinary and interdisciplinary challenges in the humanities and the sciences, especially their pedagogical relationship to society. With cogent discussions about the value, meaning, and importance of science to human ideas and actions, our aim is to develop and implement interdisciplinary communications across the disciplinary boundaries. Taking up political agendas, social values, and ethical stances of science, we will investigate how we, as educators both in the humanities and the sciences, create pedagogical values as our organizing frameworks and illustrate the importance of cross-disciplinary communications.