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One of the important themes in the issue of urban ecology is how to build a resilient urban society. Urban resilience is defined as the capacity of a city’s individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems to survive, adapt, and grow against continuous stress and major shocks. However, efforts to communicate the various urban resilience programs still need to be improved. This study aims to develop a campaign medium and dissemination of flood disaster mitigation programs through visual communication approaches in the form of graphic novel. This graphic novel narrates the activities of one of the disaster preparedness communities in carrying out flood disaster mitigation actions in the city of Surakarta, Indonesia. This graphic novel’s creation applied a codesign method, meaning that the process involves all stakeholders in the flood mitigation program (especially community members). The codesign method implemented its three principles: collaborative, inclusive, and people-centered. The application of the codesign method in creating the graphic novel has responded to and considered the local community’s social and cultural context.