Creating Life Before Death

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  • Title: Creating Life Before Death: Discover Your Amazing Self
  • Author(s): Bernard Phillips, Thomas J. Savage, Andy Plotkin, Neil Weiss, Max O. Spitzer
  • Publisher: Common Ground Research Networks
  • Collection: Common Ground Research Networks
  • Series: Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
  • Keywords: Interdisciplinary, Sociology, Social Science, Scientific Method, Language, Bureaucracy, Personality Structure, Creativity, Emotions, Productivity, Addiction, Aggression, Buddhism, Conformity, Stratification, Hierarchy, Narrow Specialization, Education, Equality, Vision, Democracy, Evolution, Values, Sexism, Racism, Climate Change, Homelessness, Social Problems, Interaction, Intelligence, Alienation, Invisibility, Self-image, Meaningfulness
  • Date: March 09, 2020
  • ISBN (hbk): 978-1-86335-180-5
  • ISBN (pbk): 978-1-86335-181-2
  • ISBN (pdf): 978-1-86335-182-9
  • DOI:
  • Citation: Phillips, Bernard , Thomas J. Savage, Andy Plotkin, Neil Weiss, and Max O. Spitzer. 2020. Creating Life Before Death: Discover Your Amazing Self. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Research Networks. doi:10.18848/978-1-86335-182-9/CGP.
  • Extent: 158 pages

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This book presents a unique interdisciplinary perspective addressing our double crisis of living a meaningful life in a world of escalating problems. The first two authors are a scholar and a preacher who provide social science knowledge combined with stories from the personal experiences of a minister-cop. We are joined by a sociologist, an economist and a medical social scientist. People have failed to understand that the further development of the individual, which we center on, is the basis for the continuing evolution of society. Every single one of us has awesome intellectual, emotional, and problem-solving potentials. We can learn to fulfill them by fully using our two most powerful tools: language and the scientific method. They can resist bureaucratic conformity that stifles creative innovation and interdisciplinary cooperation. Many have claimed that what they are doing is changing the world. With no exaggeration, this book actually takes basic steps in that direction.