Creating a Cultural Youth Tourism eBook Guidelines with Four Design Factors

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Most youth tourists do not have the motivation to visit cultural places since they do not understand how their interests relate to cultural tourism. This research aims to create and evaluate cultural tourism ebook guidelines using four factors (photography, storytelling, character design, and layout design) matched to youth tourists’ interests. Three sub-studies, mixed with three different research methods, were applied. First, twenty-seven interviews were performed to understand the target audiences and create the ebook. Next, an online questionnaire with 405 participants was conducted to quantitatively evaluate the ebook by using five factors: reaction, learning, behavior, results, and desirability. The findings indicated that four variables (photographs, storytelling, layout design, and character design) matched the study’s aim with a mean score of 4.24 (agree). After reading the ebook, most participants strongly agreed (mean = 4.50) with travel for cultural tourism.