Bromo Exotica Festival

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Colossal Performing arts is a large group of people performing together to produce the arts, which are works of artists who employ the body as a media. The Bromo Exotica Festival is a series of performing arts events held annually in the mountainous region of Bromo, Tengger, Indonesia, in remembrance of Yadnya Kasada. This was a qualitative study whereby the data were analyzed and explained using a descriptive approach. The aim of this study was to investigate how the implementation of a management system impacts the organization of art performances at the Bromo Exotica Festival. The study discovered two models of management systems employed at the Bromo Exotica Festival, namely, general and artistic managerial systems. Although these systems serve unique roles in the system, they run simultaneously and interact in carrying out the four managerial functions. It can be seen from this that a good management system facilitated the success of massive art performances.