Border Identities in the Poetics of Itxaro Borda

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Border thinking is present throughout the poetic work of Basque author Itxaro Borda, as in her literary works there are many representations of dynamic and multiple subjectivities regarding their geopolitical, linguistic-literary and biopolitical dimensions. In order to reaffirm these border positions and nomadic identities, Borda, in her latest poetic project, entitled “Hots bete ahots” [Sounds Full of Voices], has articulated an explicit dialogue with the border poetics and politics proposed by Gloria Anzaldúa. In this article, we analyze the poetic dialogue between borders and border beings as articulated by Borda, in order to identify how she reenacts Anzaldúa’s poetic ideas and images, how she integrates her voices, and how she embodies the idea of border from a Bakhtinian dialogic perspective. It is from this Bakhtinian perspective that Itxaro Borda’s poetic enunciation becomes a place to name and give voice to the words of others, a border and hybrid place for enunciation.