Body, Transsexuality, and Sports

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This article aims to analyze transsexual sportswomen’s representation built within journalistic digital media such as El País, Marca, and As, based on multiple actors’ discourses advocating for the “normalization” of female athletes’ bodies to place them in historically determined categories, due to gender issues, established in sports legislation. Such is the case of Laurel Hubbard, Alba Palacios, and Lia Thomas. This study is based on the review and discourse analysis with gender perspective on journalistic notes that have covered the sporting events where these athletes participated, the same notes that focus their discourse on the discussion around their bodies. This is based on the theoretical category of polyphony proposed by Mikhail Bakhtin, the proposals of Miquel Missé and Gerald Coll-Planas on transsexuality, and the gender perspective developed by Judith Butler.