Biochar Sequestration in Mine Backfill

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This article presents a new system of systems for sequestering carbon using a novel combination of existing technologies of biomass pyrolysis and cemented paste backfill, without any detriment to the performance of either process. Biochar production from waste biomass is discussed. This can be any production system using any locally available waste product; the absolute quality of biomass is not strictly necessary. A review of the effects of low concentration dosage on cementitious materials is presented, citing several existing research and demonstration projects. We argue that the use of biochar in mine backfill at 2 wt.% provides the best potential for a more economic backfill paste compound, without loss of physical or mechanical properties, that can offer a climate-significant opportunity to move closer to satisfying net zero commitments. Biomass production from waste and industrial sized mining processes are able to be easily co-located in multiple countries around the world. We propose that this new backfill recipe allows any provider to contribute to net-zero targets with an environmentally positive impact.