Artistic Creation through the Screen

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Art, always permeable to advances and social changes, quickly found in computer technology and the Internet a field of experimentation. Since the sudden development of social networks at the beginning of this century, we are witnessing the foray of the artistic image into a new scenario of an essentially interactive nature. In this research, we intend to delve into how the artistic image flows and is transformed in the space of social networks, paying attention to two issues that we understand to be closely associated with its contemporary condition: post-truth and the problem of the saturated self. Our aim is to highlight the way in which the latest art adapts to and converges with the digital medium through the networks, not only taking advantage of its resources, but also assimilating its modes, its language, and its aesthetics. Being a significant topical subject, we believe that it is entirely relevant to investigate this territory from the perspective of artistic thought, determined by the continuous development of new mobile applications and the constant reinvention of the networks. To this end, we will analyze the artistic proposals of a selection of contemporary creators whose work is located in social networks, emphasizing the creative possibilities offered by the screen, especially those related to sharing, interaction, and exchange. The final conclusion will show how art can interfere with the development social networks by behaving as a disruptive agent, enhancing the critical gaze and introducing alternative ideas.