Art, Fashion, and Modernization on the Pages of the Newspapers

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Between the 1950s and 1960s, there was a rich period of time when the large daily newspapers served as privileged spaces for intellectual debate and dissemination of modern visual arts in Brazil. This cultural wealth printed in the newspapers is the result of macro transformations that led to the consolidation and expansion of a modernized urban society in the country. This marked the expansion and diversification of the middle classes because of the industrialization process. In the scope of visual arts, the consolidation of a modern art world in Brazil can be observed especially in the 1950s, when aesthetic formulations were developed and linked to the modernizing movement of the period. The consolidation of the modern art world occurred in line with the press transformation and expansion. Part of this process of reformulating the newspapers triggered the creation of centers for the dissemination of cultural production that devoted attention to visual arts: the culture inserts.