Antecedents of Organizational Agility

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New developments specify a rising interest in agile organizations. However, the ongoing debate on agility’s antecedents creates many links. Agility integrates organizational process, characteristics, and members with advanced technology. Environmental changes accompanied by technological dynamics have led to an increased emphasis on an emerging technological leadership involving the firm’s reinvention. However, few studies have assessed how business intelligence technologies (BI) and leadership styles affect firms’ agility. Accordingly, the purpose of this research is to highlight the antecedents of organizational agility. The study developed a research model integrating the interactions between the information and communication technologies (ICT) and the organization agility while emphasizing the moderating role of the technological style and environmental change. The empirical investigation was conducted on a sample of 253 firms from the information technology (IT) sector. This study reveals that BI and communication technologies positively influence the identification and response agilities. BI technologies and communication technologies have no influence on decision-making agility. Furthermore, the findings reveal a moderation effect of technology leadership style on the link between ICT and organizational agility. However, environmental change negatively moderates the relationship between ICT and organizational agility.