An Appreciation of the EFL Teacher Model in Bangladesh

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In keeping with global reformation trends in English language pedagogy, Bangladesh has embraced communicative language teaching (CLT) as a contemporary method. However, it is recognized that methodological changes alone are insufficient for achieving targeted English as a second language (ESL) learning outcomes. English teachers must also possess the requisite personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experiences to effectively address the needs of ESL students. This study aims to elucidate the specific model of an English teacher sought after by private secondary schools (PSS) in Bangladesh. The characteristics and qualifications of an ideal teacher candidate are often reflected in job advertisements. Therefore, a qualitative content analysis approach was employed to scrutinize the job postings of PSS English teachers in Bangladesh. Over a period of six months, a total of 100 job postings were gathered from the two most prominent online job platforms in Bangladesh. Following Selvi, Mahboob, Golden, Mackenzie, and Anandarajan et al.’s content analysis method, a comprehensive examination of the data was conducted. The analysis ultimately revealed a unique English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher model distinct from the conventional international EFL teacher archetype that is typically sought after for PSS in Bangladesh. The distinct characteristics of this model are expounded upon in this article.