A Gamified MOOC

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In the current digital era dominated by Generation Z, the virtual learning environment is unavoidable. Generation Z needs computers, smartphones, and the internet to meet their educational needs. Thus, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have emerged as a rapidly evolving virtual learning environment that caters to contemporary learning requirements. MOOC is currently developing as a provider of learning facilities for students to study anywhere, anytime, and in any way. However, many obstacles and challenges accompany the current prevalence of MOOCs, such as low completion rates, minimal interactivity, decreased learning engagement, and high dropout rates. Gamification is a trend that supports the learning process and is believed to provide fascinating and enjoyable learning to increase learning motivation and engagement. The aims of this study were to (1) develop the Gamified MOOC “WandaBelajar” for Informatics Education Study Program students in the Vocational Learning Media Course and (2) determine the feasibility level of the “WandaBelajar” product that has been developed. The product was developed using the ADDIE model, and from the evaluation results of material experts, learning media experts, and field tests on students it was found that the Gamified MOOC product “WandaBelajar” was appropriate for use in the learning process.